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About vet UNITE

Built by Veterinarians, for Veterinarians.

vet UNITE is an online medical community, exclusively for verified Veterinarians, enabling specialized consultation, communication, and information exchange within a private and secure platform.

Membership is exclusive to Veterinarians, ensuring interactions occur among specialists within a focused area of expertise, fueling vibrant clinical collaboration.

Utilizing advanced social networking technology, vet UNITE was created specifically for the needs of Veterinarians and in full compliance with all industry regulations.
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Core features and functionality include a range of collaborative peer-based services that aid quality of care and contribute to improved patient outcomes:


The Stream is a customized compilation of activities unique to members and the items they are following, such as other members, groups and curbside consults. Members are able to interact, initiate discussion and contribute to current conversations surrounding items within the stream.

Curbside Consult

A place where Veterinarians are encouraged to post their toughest cases or industry conundrums for feedback. Through this feature, members are able to learn and share their experiences and have their ideas validated and enhanced by trusted peers through an efficient and convenient means of communication.


Groups within vet UNITE provide a destination for focused information and topics of interest, such as a medication, professional organization or academic institution. Members can choose to join the groups that are relevant to them, serving as the premier destination for topics of interest.


Games allow members to test their knowledge and compete against peers. Game content is structured around Board Review questions that are relevant to established standards of care and recent medical advances. Games are added daily and can be played anytime – members have access to the correct answers, for an enjoyable, educational and competitive experience.


The latest news and information is brought to members from the reputable sources they are already viewing on a daily basis. The News section has specifically curated content that provides the most up-to-date information and current issues relevant to Veterinarians.


An area for members to provide information about themselves to other members, including their CV, a photo, practice information and other personal, professional and academic interests and accolades.


Anywhere. Everywhere. Always.

ghgfhgfhStay connected to Veterinarians through the vet UNITE Mobile App. Available for Android phones and Android Tablet.

Stay connected to Veterinarians through the vet UNITE Mobile App. Available for iPhone, and iPad Tablet.

Stay connected to Veterinarians through the vet UNITE Mobile Application, available for iPhone, Androd, iPad and Andriod Tablet.


vet UNITE was developed by Veterinarians, for Veterinarians, and we highly value member input and feedback to ensure we remain a premier destination and evolve to exceed your expectations.